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Thread: Canberra Balloon Festival

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    Default Canberra Balloon Festival

    Canberra Balloon Festival is a hot air balloon festival that takes place at the plush lawns of the old Parliament House of Canberra, Australia, it still two weeks in April.

    Canberra is a good place for the hot air balloon enthusiast; it can be appreciated from different point of view. Even if you don’t on the hot air balloon, watching dozens of balloon on the flight in the lake is a ravishing beauty. If the weather is fine, you can fly over the Canberra by hot air balloon, and there is no need to avoid skyscrapers and busy flight, then you can take off from the city center.

    During The Canberra Balloon Festival, Over 50 hot air balloons from all over the world launch daily at dawn from the forecourt of Old Parliament House and float over Canberra’s iconic national attractions. The balloons gradually inflate and transform into a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours before drifting gently into the dawn skies. The event is complete with on site entertainment, activities and food and drink.

    The festival began in 1986. It is one of Australia’s best Autumn Events. The main theme of this event is balloons of numerous shapes and sizes. This event attracts about 20,000 visitors. Alike the other festivals of Australia, this event also has various venues but the most popular location for Canberra Balloon Festival is the foreground of Old Parliament House. The visitors look into the spectacular sky filled with balloons of various sizes and designs, making up beautiful patterns in the open air.
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    This Balloon festival is famous worldwide. This will gave an experience to the people which they will memories it until they got similar experience like this. I still remember that day when I experience this featival. I want to experience this once again in my life. Hope my God will be kind enough to get me this opportunity again.

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