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Thread: Have you been to Moscow?

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    Default Have you been to Moscow?

    I have never been to Moscow, but some of my friends told me that whenever I have a chance to go there, I should see the Red Square (Krasnaya ploshchad), Patriarch's Pond and the Izmailovsky Park and Market.

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    I don't get any pleasure to have visit of this region but I have heard lot of great stuff about this region. I am willing to have visit of this place in near future. Thanks

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    Moscow is a capital of Russia and It is a home of beautiful landscapes, National parks, Historical museums, rivers and stylish hotels. It is one of my favorite travel destinations. I like to visit its historical places that grab attentions of tourists from entire world. I have been there numerous times of my life and had an awesome experience there. So can you share your experience if you have visit this city?

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    I have no experience of being there. But now I have planed my tour and next month I will be there. I have added some names in my bucket list like as: Moscow Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Tretyakov Gallery, Kremlin Armoury and some others. But I want to add more names of places so tell me what should I add in my cart?

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    Moscow is a best city for visit as travelling point of view. Millions of tourists love to go there due to its alluring attractions. I also have visited there with my few family members during my last winter holidays and had spent remarkable time at this awesome place. In my poin of view is a perfect place to enjoy outside activities. I hope you will spent good time there as well as I had.

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