Hey, guys, I'm a new member of the forum and, pretty much, a "traveller-trainee" if there was such a term! I'm English and have lived in London for many years and, even though I've seen most of Britain, Ireland & Scotland, and the city that makes your heart skip a beat... Paris in my case (the Eiffel Tower is amazing!), I've never been to the rest of the world! So now I have a friend in Sydney and am thinking of going there, but, alas, we've had some problems with communication! Unfortunately, and unreasonably, she does not use skype, which is a shame in the 21st century, or messengers in general, and I was wondering about cheap ways to have along phone conversation! I found this site, that offers cheap calls to Australia:

Cheap Calls to Australia - 2p/min | Briing.com call our cheap Australia access numbers

If your in the UK,that is, but was wondering if anyone's already used it with British friends? Any ideas will be helpful! lol And I apologise for the retarded treat in advance!