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Thread: Bike Tours or Bike Rental in Buenos Aires

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    Default Bike Tours or Bike Rental in Buenos Aires

    I'll be traveling around Argentina in a fews months and was thinking about doing some biking in Buenos Aires. Can anyone recommend a good bike tour company or rental place, at least? I came across a place called Urban Biking that seems legit and well organized - anyone ever deal with them?

    Any info is appreciated.
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    Hi there,

    My husband, two boys (12 & 14 y/o) and I booked a biking tour with Urban Biking recently. We were a little concerned about the safety factors since we aren't used to riding on big city streets, but we ran into no problems whatsoever.

    We booked a tour of the northern neighborhoods and visited the Recoleta and Palermo areas. Our favorite part was the stop in the Palermo Woods - really nice area for the kids to hop off the bikes and explore for a bit. The whole tour went smoothly, and the guide spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable.

    We enjoyed the first tour so much that we ended up booking a second tour to the Tigre delta. This tour was quite unique - we took the costal train up to a nice suburban area (forget the name - sorry), rode to Tigre, visited the local street fair and went kayaking. We were wiped out by the end of the day but it was worth it.

    I highly recommend these guys.

    Happy travels

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    Having an own bike is a dream for all and it becomes very common to buy a bike.There are many people who likes to travel by bike which becomes very vast,Also they should wear some accessories for the purpose of safety.

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