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    I'm working at a manpower company from Vietnam. We're used to cooperating with many Malaysia Company. Here what I know about Malaysia business culture, fix me if I'm wrong, thanks for any comments:

    - Meeting and Greeting: Shake hands with men at business meetings and social events. Shake hands again when leaving.
    Nod or give a slight bow when greeting a woman or an older person. Introduce higher ranking people or older people first. Introduce women before men.

    - Body language: Never touch anyone on the top of the head (home of the soul), especially a child (which is the same in Vietnam)
    + Use your right hand to eat, pass things and touch people
    + Hitting your fist into a cupped hand is obscene.
    + Hands in pockets signify anger.

    - Corporate culture: Business counterparts will want to get to know you personally before doing business with you.
    + Decisions are made slowly. Patience is required. Malays will probably involve you in polite conversation for a lengthy period before getting down to business. Discussions will be long and detailed.
    + Malays admire good etiquette and do not appreciate bluntness. They are polite and go for the soft sell.
    + Listen carefully to Malays. They will avoid saying things directly. You must learn to read between the lines.

    - Other: Malays judge people by who they are rather than what they do. Family background, social position and status are all important.
    + Compliment sincerely, but expect Malays to deny out of modesty.
    + Show respect for the elderly and never smoke around them.
    + Understand that Malays believe that successes, failures, opportunities and misfortunes result from fate or the will of God.

    Others countries business culture, you can find in my blog
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    This is really great information for those who want to go to Malaysia. These Cultural Etiquettes are helpful to meet Malaysian People. I will remember all of them and will try to go there after finishing my new york sightseeing bus tour. I will try these etiquettes during meeting with Malaysian People.

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    These cultural Etiquette are very effective to almost people can meet in Malaysia. So you can always aspects for the wonderful exploring here to sightseeing the tourists spots. There are best staying places of one is the Service Apartments in Malaysia.

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