San Francisco City,referred to as San Francisco(San Francisco),there are aliases"Golden Gate City","Bay Side of the city","Foggy City"),is the only city of California,one of the administrative district.San Francisco is located in northern California,the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula,east of San Francisco Bay,west of the Pacific Ocean,the largest population of California's largest city.The south is adjacent to San Mateo County,South Bay's San Jose and Silicon Valley area,plus Tung Wan Auckland,Berkeley and the north of Marin County and Napa County,known as the San Francisco Bay Area.

  San Francisco lived with many artists,writers and actors,and at the beginning of the twentieth century and the beginning of the 21st century was one of the centers of American hip hop culture and modern liberalism and progressiveism.

  Lift the Golden Gate Bridge,homosexuality,cable car,speed chase,hippie(Hippies),Alcatraz Island,Fisherman's Wharf......,will make people think of the colorful international city of San Francisco.Some people say:"San Francisco is the most avant-garde American,open,free,unrestrained city",with the beautiful scenery of the coastal city and rich and varied style,artificial control of the old cable car shuttle in the middle of the road,lively fisherman pier often Hait-Ashbury(hippie area)weird shops,gay community Castro district(Castro)murals and flying around the rainbow flag,as well as the vast Golden Gate Park,there is a plane angle of more than 40 degrees of the road On the nine"S"shaped big bend of the nine flower street,the integration of San Francisco unique unique temperament.It is the city that gave us the"collapse of the generation","hippie"(anti-system,anti-war,the pursuit of ecstasy,sex open)revolution,homosexual demonstrations,as well as"yuppie"(Yuppies,Urban professional workers).

  Each area of​​San Francisco has its own unique style and personality.Most of the people go to the high-priced area:shopping at Union Square;strolling on the row of herbs,tea and cheap jewelery shops in Chinatown,where the stalls are even spreading to the sidewalk on the road;(North Beach)to enjoy food,wine and cappuccino coffee;in the ocean filled Fisherman's Wharf,through the numerous souvenir shop and expensive beach restaurant,these are very worthwhile,but you also To consider the small neighborhoods that are not often seen in the media because they can truly reflect San Francisco's life:Castro,which is still in opposition to fashion,but still vibrant,and full of lifelike Latin-style frescoes;Hayes Valley is full of cool palaces,cafes,mini bars and unique small shops;low-key and cordial Noe Valley,its main street makes people feel like a small town.

  Unique and full of personality of the city,San Francisco tourism break the routine.More San Francisco Tour Information Click here to learn more.