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Thread: What is best time to travel to Syria?

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    Default What is best time to travel to Syria?

    Can anyone knows proper about Syria?
    If yes so please mention that what time or season is best for a tour to Syria.I wanna go to Syria.
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    April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Syria, with low rainfall and temperatures somewhere in the mid to late twenties.

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    Syria is the wonderful country of the world that is located in Middle East. It offers a lot of incredible attractions to the visitors. I am going to share the names of some fabulous places of Syria such as, National Museum of Damascus, Temple of Bel, Sheraton Aleppo Hotel and Mount Qasioun. If you want to go there so I suggest you must visit these places.

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    jack567! really good to see that you have shared here with all of us really nice and good information about Syria. i really like this and like to know about more for making a visit at there after mine toronto niagara falls bus tour and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for surte for having great fun at there.

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