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Thread: Sweden attractions

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    FRANKIE...! I appreciate your sharing. I am also travelling lover and I must say that your shared informations is very useful for me as well as other readers. I have a good experience of Bunker Hill Monument because I have been there about few months ago with my friends. We all have great time there. I would love to go there again with my family.

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    I have also great personal experience of Bunker Hill Monument, It is a beautiful and famous interesting point of Charlestown. I like to say that must visit the whenever you will go Charlestown in your travelling life. I like to share with you its a beautiful image. Hope you like my shared image.

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    Really good to see that all of you have shared here really nice and useful information her with all of us. I really like this information and so sure about that this information will prove really great for news well other memeber of this forum. I really like the shared view of Charlestown and love to explore this soon.

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    I am feeling little bad to tell you those guys, I 've never visited Bunker Hill Monument, in my life and have no idea about this. I have watched this image and after that, I am pondering to know about its detail and want to know how many stairs are there or any lift arrange for visitors there or not. Quite sure tomami you will share some information about that with all.

    After my los angeles to solvang bus tour.

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    Bunker Hill Monument is War memorial attractions. It os a nice pace to visit and enjoy an incredible time with family members. You must go ahead and explore this historicle attractions at least once. When tyou wioll visit this ten will know the amazing history behind thsi atractions. So ho agaed as soon as you can.

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