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Thread: learning Swedish language

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    The hardest part is probably getting to speak Swedish. As soon as people find out she speaks English, they will switch to English.

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    My friend studied this language. He told me, that swedish is between english and german.
    By the way: my another firend was travelling through Sweden and using only english (and had to use it a lot).

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    I know German and was able to spot some similarties between German and Swedish when I went there. So if she knows any Germanic languages maybe that would help. I picked up the odd word as you do any time you go on holiday but if your sister is going to live there then she definitely will pick up more. The best place to learn the language is in the country. I have a friend who has lived in Sweden for 20 years and she can speak the language very well now.

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    Well, Swedish is not concerned as a sister language of English so it will little difficult but not hardest as it is from Latin basement. All it needed to do is just hanging on.

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    Sometimes learning a language gets hard for us which is certain to be taken care of normally in other places we get to learn that from the tour guides who are good at providing all these facilities to the user.
    When it comes to my traveling i usually use fort lauderdale to boca raton that stays quite reasonable for me.

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