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Thread: Sweden Experience.

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    Default Sweden Experience.

    Hi Guys, I hope that all of you are fine and doing well. I need some help from you, I am going on Sweden after completeing my los angeles amusement parks tour./ I'm really excited about that. That will be my very first tour to Sweden and i have heard a lot about the beauty of Sweden So would you guys like to tell me about the places around Sweden.

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    Sweden is a beautiful destination to explore on earth. I have been to this region few years ago and during this journey I have been visited famous attractions of this region. Its notable attractions are; Drottningholm, Vasa Museum, Stockholm Archipelago, Stromma Boat Tours, Djurgården, Sigtuna and Visby, Gotland.

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    Well Frankie! You have shared very nice information about Sweden. I have never been to there. But my uncle visited there during last year. According to him, Sweden is nice country of Europe. There are the different beautiful places, like: beaches, islands, parks, lakes, forests and mountains.

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    Sweden is such an amazing country for travelling as tourism point of view. It is a home of beautiful landscapes, diverse kind of natural and historical places National parks and stylish hotels. I love this destination due to its impressive islands that grab attentions of visitors each year. I have been there about few months ago with my few family members to enjoy holidays. We all had great time there.

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    jack567! I am going to agree with you and you have shared really nice words about Sweden. I have been visited Sweden with my mom in the last few years again. I have been exploring its many attractions, here may travel lovers to go there for having fun and enjoying the holidays. Can you like to share with me your favorite attractions of Sweden?

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    There is no doubt that the Sweden is really nice and good country for exploring point of view, I ma also really like this destination and have exploo9red till yet once in my life for having fun. I will be really like to make a visit at there and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try out this place again ion my life.
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    Sweden is the most beautiful Country in Europe, There are lots of points of interests in this country. Which make it perfect for travelling. I also love to visit this country and its iconic places attract me a lot. Like as Vasa Museum, Liseberg, Drottningholm Palace and lots of other places which are my most favoritre and attract me towards this country.
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