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Thread: bad experience with Galasam International

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    Default experience with Galasam International

    Dear all, we want to share our experience with Galasam International (Ecuador).
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    I'm an American living in Ecuador and I'm sorry you had a bad experience here. That's the problem is that there are lots of foreigners who get scammed and never come back. Bad for tourists and bad for Ecuador.

    Travel statistics state that if a person travels and has a great experience, then they are likely to tell 3 to 4 people. However, if they have bad experiences they are more likely to tell 30 to 40 people. Case and point, this post alone has had a lot of hits.

    I wish you happy and safe travels elsewhere. Take care.

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    Default Fail to comply the truth!

    Dear travelers,

    As many of you who have traveled with us, you know that based your letters of taking us
    for a lifetime experience to the Galapagos Islands. Thar our company is a reliable travel agency, operating cruises for more than 25 years.

    We don't understand what is the issue with this person. Who has been reimbursed the money.

    The tardiness for him receiving the money was because he provided the wrong information, his sent us information with a WRONG account number, the money was deposited to that account; later on Igor and the company found out that the information he provided was WRONG. As soon as we find out were the problem was. We refunded his money immediately, we have proof of that.

    Igor, has never traveled with Galasam, as he promised on an email that he sent to us, that he will removed this wrongful post from this site.

    He received his money after HE KNOWS that he provided a wrong information. He has the audacity to post this information on the net??

    For more information you can contact us at



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    Such kind of bad experience certainly kills the tourism. You should report the matter to consumer welfare court. Otherwise, telling about this act of Galasam International is also a punishing act as it will alert people being next hunt of this company.

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    I also had a bad experience with this operator. They misled us regarding a boat. The boat we ended up with had a series of mechanical problems. The crew was rude . We also found them to be unsafe. We were sick a number of times after meals. The lady in Quito who we dealt with was also very rude and unwilling to rectify the problem. A few other people expressed the same sentiment. DO NOT use this operator.

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    Well i guess is its a part of traveling and it happens. Most of the times understanding all these things is fine enough thousand islands boat tours was fine enough for a lot of things that exists.

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