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Thread: Shopping in Dubai with family

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    Default Shopping in Dubai with family

    There is the Textile Souk where you can find textiles and fabrics of a huge range. Make sure that your wife doesn't get a sniff of this place, or else she would be stripping you off all your money! The most famous of all the souks is the Gold Souk. It is a place for the gold-lovers and the gold-diggers! Cheap Dubai holiday packages also drop you to the famous malls like the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Outlet Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Batutah Mall and Iconic.

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    Dubai is the one of most famous shopping cities of all around the world. it is one of my favorite shopping place. It has a wide range of textile Souk. There are many shopping malls, Dubai Mall, ibn Batutah Mall and the Dubai outlet Mall Visitors can find different malls of Dubai and can have great shopping there. it is an ideal destination for shopping lovers.

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    Dubai is an ideal place for shopping. It is famous because its big mall, beautiful things, Cloth, Shoes and many other necessary things. I enjoyed there two months ago after canadian bus tour. The malls of Dubai filled with every kind of things. Millions of the visitors come here to enjoy Shopping. It is a perfect place for shopping lovers.

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