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Thread: Dont forget to give TIPS!

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    Default Dont forget to give TIPS!

    I do give tips though I dont earn. I have seen many people give tips because it has written in menu or restaurant rules. I am not talking about that, I am talking about give some rupees which you will spend for nothing.

    I feel sorry for them who take your order of many many verities but never get chance to taste that.

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    Some say 10%. Others say 20%. Still others give numbers in between this range.

    If the service is exemplary - meaning far better than good - than the percentage can be raised to 17% or 18%.

    Was the service not good - Then don't tip. Don't buy into the system. Stand up for what's right!!


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    Default Re: Dont forget to give TIPS

    Giving tips to others is a great thing........
    Tips are based on their own experience..

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    Tipping is a way to praise others .

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    Tips are the not only for tips or suggestion but with tips we can take advice from others or give advice to others for tours & travels. When you go to tour then it`s need to get full idea of that destination or places . So, with tips & discussion we can improve our knowledge about that places.
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    Thumbs up

    Thank you for giving such information.

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    I think that is the way how a traveling should be started watkins glen state park ny is amazing and can be working for us big time.

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