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Thread: what is differnet between hotel and resort?

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    A hotel may consist of guest rooms, restaurants, a pool, meeting space and business services. A resort, by most standards, may include all the above, but must also include an associated recreational aspect, be it golf, spa, amusement park, skiing, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by outdoor9213 View Post
    i want to know that what is different between hotel and resort, somebody help me please

    A hotel has basic amenities for guest to utilize like a pool, gym, complimentary breakfast, extremely simply the fundamentals. A resort offers rather more on high of that. sometimes a resort takes advantage of the situation and offers native activities also as on web site restaurants, shops, spas etc.

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    As for hotels and resorts - I think a resort probably has more pools and maybe a beauty spa! Probably just a fancy word for a hotel in a holiday area. Maybe there is a travel agent definition.

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    A hotel and resort are quite different in terms of how much land they're on. A resort is typically on a substantial amount of property, so its able to have more rooms available for guests as well as plenty of extra space for features such as a golf course. The extra land is also on or near a more natural environment. A hotel is often on just enough land for the parking lot and the building itself. It's also usually on a main highway so it's easy for guests to have access to activities in the area.

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    The difference between hotels and resort hotels are the services and amenities that are offered for guests that attract them.

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    Resorts provides you with more space and privacy than hotels. And also have more amenities. it's better to get a resort rather than a hotel for vacation.

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