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Thread: Best travel destination in North Koria

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    Guys! I have heard about North Koria. It is a nice country of Asia. Tomb of King Kongmin is the most famous historical landmark of it. It is nice place with beautiful natural surroundings. Here I am going to share some images of this place:

    I hope you will like my share images.

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    If you have a plan to go to North Korea then I am going to share the names of some well known destinations of it like:

    Hyangsan County
    North Hwanghae Province

    I hope my shared information would be useful for you. I will suggest you to must visit these places.

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    Default Is it really safe to go to North Korea?

    Is it really safe to go to North Korea?

    North Korea is completely safe and totally legal to visit even for Americans!

    Each year, over 2,500 people visit the country from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries around the world.

    And yet since the country opened up to outside visitors, only a handful of people have experienced the rare gift of visiting this reclusive nation. That makes North Korea one of the least visited countries on earth and one of the most magical places still untouched by the outside world.

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    Jasse! Wow, you have shared heer really nice images of North Korean attraction. I| would lie to share with you I will go North Korea after ending my 3 days in montreal trips. I wish WI ill go its all attractions with my younger sister and my father. She wants to enjoy hiking there with us. I have no idea about its attractions which are good for hiking. so Can anyone like to suggest me some names of places.

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    Tomb of King Kongmin is a new place for me but after seeing the images of this place I wanna go there and so sure about that It would be something really good and nice for me to try anything like this for sure for having great fun at there.

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