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Thread: move at Korea

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    Default move at Korea

    My one friend want to make a move at Korea with her hubby first time in her life after her tour washington dc in 3 days. So for this, she wants to know some attractions as well some best hotels there. So make here reply soon all of you as I am keen to know.

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    I would like to tell you that here I have my personal experience of Korea. at once in my life but now I would like to go there again but I will go there with my best friend because in last year, I had visited there with my uncle. I hope so now which attractions I will share with these will be useful and informative for you.
    N Seoul Tower
    War Memorial of Korea
    National Museum of Korea
    Bukhansan National Park
    Lotte World
    Haeundae Beach
    National Folk Museum of Korea

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    Korea is a very popular country of East Asia. I have never been to this country but that would be great trying some of the thing like this for me out i am sure. IUt feels wow to have fun on awesome of the places like these always and always will i am sure.

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