Cant you hear it? The Bears of Arabia are roaring for this summers hottest event. They are calling you to Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia and Byblos for summer is here and there are men to meet! You will arrive to find yourself in the Bear Arabia pageant. Be part of the MEGA party pageant and vote for the sweatiest sexiest bears and cubs where only two will be lucky enough to be granted the titles Mr. Bear Arabia and Mr. Cub Arabia. Why miss out on enjoying the company of Lebanon and Syria's finest and visit the most spectacular sites and hammams?

We will head down the road from Beirut to Damascus, enough time to kill the hang over and amuse yourself with the refreshing breeze. Damascus will surprise you with its ancient markets, mosques and steamy hammam. No, we wont stop there! The train will take us next to Aleppo where you and the bears will get to take pictures of one of the largest most ancient covered markets in the world before taking a break in the hottest sauna of the Aleppo hammam.

What can be more relaxing? The next day we get to show our bodies off on the sandy beach of Latakia after another train ride, then back to beautiful Lebanon's Byblos. Did we forget to mention that Mr. Bear Arabia and Mr. Cub Arabia will be joining us?! So what are you waiting for? Join our roar, tell your friends and live an experience you will never forget!
Book today, places are limited, you dont want to miss all the fun for as low as 650$.

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