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Thread: Do you visit syria before?!! You must do

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    Post Do you visit syria before?!! You must do

    Hiii allll

    I am Aiham from Syria and i work in toursim field

    i know that some of you don't know about SYRIA and didn't experience the visiting to this land

    in brief, it has civilizations & ruins more than any place on the earth... take it for guarantee ..

    Romans, Ahori, Amori, Kananee, Aramic , Byzentine, Persian, Christian & Islamic

    In every city & every corner you can find a treasures of history, beside it is amazing climate and fabulous nature

    I advise all people from all around the world to visit SYRIA

    if you need any help or further information, make sure that i will be always here to assist you

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    Thanks Ahmad, I am Romio from Venezuela, I have visited Syria and I must say that is a beautiful country, which is rich in culture, I believe that is too much to see in there, and the food is amazing heheh ... I love everything there the people is very friendly ...

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    Damascus is situated in the south-western corner of Syria, in the oasis of Ghouta on the margins of the Syrian Desert, by precision.

    Today, Damascus houses the Syrian Government and with an estimated population of 3.5 million, is the hub of Syrian economic affairs. The old city lies south of the Barada river, and the new town lies north of it.

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    I have heard of it and i guess there isn't anything much attractive.Its all majorly about the basics which at the end proves us generally a planned that stats decent for us.So yeah this is the way how it is and ignoring this sort of places isn't a bad idea.
    When it comes to my traveling i usually use fort lauderdale to boca raton that stays quite reasonable for me.

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    Thanks aiham. Nice sharing with us this information. It's very helpful. I have not visit Syria. Try to visit.


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