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Thread: Hi, Moses a.k.a NetRook from Zimbabwe

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    Default Hi, Moses a.k.a NetRook from Zimbabwe

    Hi everyone. I am Moses from Zimbabwe, Africa's Adventure Capital. Never mind the politics and crumbling economy, but its amazing nomatter how much a man can misuse trust and power, they can never take away what nature bestowed on a nation!

    Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, its still as magnificent as ever!

    Interesting to join in this forum. For those who may want ot find out more about Zimbabwe, check out my website, developed solely for the purpose of sharing Zimbabwean beauty in Pictures. More pictures will be added.

    Nice to be here in this forum!

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    hello Mr. NetRo0k.. Yep, Ive heard about Victoria falls; it truly is magnificent..

    its good to know that you also have a website featuring your country.. I have mine to.. we share the same goal, and that is to present our respective countries natural wonders and beauty rather than highlighting the troubles that beset them..


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