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Thread: Learning Vietnamese - First lesson : Xin Chao`, Vietnameseteaching Group

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    Smile Learning Vietnamese - First lesson : Xin Chao`, Vietnameseteaching Group

    Hi everybody,
    We're Vietnamese Teaching Group, To satistfy the increasing demand for Vietnamese Learning, from now on I'll post Vietnamese Lessons, written by experienced and excellent teachers at our company, hope all u can find it easier in learning Vietnamese, and more people will get more inspiration in learning Vietnamese. It's great that u guys come to Vietnam and can say " Xin Chao" local people here in Hanoi. By the way, I want to tell a little more about this beautiful country, you may be annoyed or disturbed by some one following you, just to sell u something, but in fact Vietnamese people are really friendly, hospitable, and warm, they'll glad to entertain u at their home, even when u can only say " Xin chao`" to them, especially when u visit the rural villages, u can get a friendly smiles and warm eyes from local children and all others. And if u want to be a pro in Vietnamese, when visiting Hanoi, welcome to Vietnamese Teaching Group, we can help u make Hanoi ur home biggrin.gif
    And now the first lesson :

    Bài 1: Chào hỏi
    Unit1: Greeting

    I. Dialogue – Hội thoại

    Bà Hoa gặp ông Nam trên đường
    Mrs Hoa meets Mr Nam on the road
    1. Bà Hoa: Chào ông Nam !
    Hello Mr Nam !
    Ông Nam: Chào bà Hoa!
    Hello Mrs Hoa !
    Bà Hoa : Ông khỏe không?
    How are you ?
    Ông Nam: Cám ơn bà. Tôi khỏe. C̣n bà?
    Thanks. I am fine, And you?
    Bà Hoa: Cám ơn ông. Tôi cũng khỏe.
    Thanks, me too.

    Lan và Long là bạn. Họ gặp nhau trên đường.
    Lan and Long are friends. They meet on the road
    2. Lan: Chào anh!
    Long: Chào em!
    Lan: Anh khoẻ không?
    How are you?
    Long: Anh b́nh thường. C̣n em thế nào?
    I’m so so. How about you?
    Lan: Em khoẻ. Em phải về bây giờ. Tạm biệt.
    I’m fine. I must go home now. Goodbye.
    Long: Tạm biệt. Hẹn gặp lại
    Goodbye, See you again

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    That language is not easy!

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