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Thread: Dog Sledding in Iceland

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    Default Dog Sledding in Iceland

    Here is your opportunity to get close to the amazing Greenland huskies. Imagine being pulled by a pack of strong beautiful huskies, the only sounds you hear are the dogs breathing and the sled softly touching the ground...
    Dog sledding is a lot of fun and a real treat for anyone with adventure in their blood. Dog sledding does not create any air or noise pollution; it's just you, the frosty stillness and our majestic furry friends leading the pack across the snow.
    Discover Iceland's winter scenery in the good company of sled dogs
    During winter our dog sledding takes place at the South-West corner of Iceland, only a 40 minute drive from the capital city Reykjavik. In the summertime we run the services from Langjökull glacier which is further away from the city but gives great opportunities to expand your experience and make the most of your day. Throw this idea into your backpack and check out our recommended combinations below!
    Dog sledding tours provide a unique opportunity to mix adventure and sightseeing, discover the beauty of Iceland's wintery scene in the good company of adorable sled dogs.

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    Yeah its an joyful racing and a great fun while doing it in the Iceland .I,m a tourist by profession and explore 8 countries yet.But i i have never been visit Iceland.I only a little bit know about it.I decided to go to Ice land this year but i have no information about that what season is good to travel to Iceland.Any one can knows about it.I am also in hurry to take a dog sledding for enjoy.i like it.
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    Both members have shared here truly nice and massive information about Dog Sledding in Iceland, I really like this and like to try anything like this for sure for having fun. So really good sharing by all of you so keep sharing always like this informative stuff and like to share this stuff with my sister after my detroit to Niagara falls bus trip and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this.

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