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Majestic Peru Tour, Ques about Peru

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  • Majestic Peru Tour, Ques about Peru

    Anyone going on the Majestic Peru Tour with Intrepid?? I would love to talk to you about the tour and maybe you will be going on the same tour as me

    Also what types of drinking water sanitation should I take?? Is a filtered water bottle enough or do I need to get tablets? If so, which tablets; iodine, chlorine or silver-ion??

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    I would like to suggest that you visit Trujillo. That place offers great sceneries and tranquil environment. You can also find a lot of ruins and beautiful beaches nearby.
    Get travel insurance to stop worrying about the things that might happen during your trip.


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      This tour name is new for me, I have never taken this till yet in my life but have visitedPeru once in my life with my brother ad have there a really good and nice time and like to suggest here to all traveller to must make a visit at Peru to see the beauty of this destination.
      Need suggestions about IMAX Theatre bus Tour.


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        i am also blanked about this tour and I have never taken this tour ever in my life but now i want to try take this tour for having fun and enjoying my free time with my friend.s I hope so I Will great time or my lovely holidays enjoy there with all of my friend. I want to need some info about this tour if you have so must share with me here. I hope so It will give me best moments for my life.


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 just came back from a 6-day trip with my wife, and my daughter’s family (daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters). We have never been to South America before and seeing Machu Picchu was one of my wife’s bucket list travel dreams. And this trip with South Adventure Peru helped us achieve that dream in an amazing way!

          Since we did not know anything about Peru, what to see, how to get around…it was so comfortable to go with a company that took care of all of the details - what hotel to go to, where to eat, what was next in the itinerary. We saw so many things - Pisac Ruins, Moray Ruins, Salt Mines, Alpaca Farm, Temple of the Sun, Cusco city tour and ruins, Sacred Valley, Local markets, and of course the breathtaking Machu Picchu. I will always remember the sights of the mountains, which were amazing to me. I grew up with mountains in Korea so I have a love for mountains, and the Andeas mountains were so majestic with so much depth. zz0.gz8n9yxxg5wzz