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Is there any way to enjoy trekking in Bhutan?

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  • Is there any way to enjoy trekking in Bhutan?

    I am really very interested in trekking. I like all of the adventure sports. I have come to know that Bhutan is a very good place for trekking but I donít know the best way to go there. Can anyone help me by giving me traveling information about Bhutan? Thanks in advance, I am sure that I will really enjoy the trekking activity there.

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    Oh, that’s really a pleasure to see a person keenly interested in adventure sports. I am also a sportsperson and have already been there for mountaineering. A travel guide which basically deals in trips to Bhutan will tell you about the trekking camps organized in Bhutan. I wish all the best for your trip.


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        Originally posted by lal57hr004 View Post
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          Coming to Bhutan isn't so difficult if one is willing pay the tourist daily rate of US$200/person per night halt. But, one shouldn't have the notion that all 200 goes to a tour operator. Almost 35% of the daily rate goes to the Government as royalty. The rest 65% includes your accomodation, fooding, guide, trekking equipments if your are on trek, pack animals, all ground transportation, guide and entree fee into monuments and temples.

          One will have to book a tour through a tour operator in bhutan. The tour operator will apply for the visa and the permits and send you the copies.
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            Bhutan is a great place for visit. It is is known for its well known destinations. I have been there about few yeas ago with my friends. We all had great time there and had lots of fun there through different activities that tourist can enjoy there like trekking, hiking, boating golf surfing and camping. It is an ideal destination for all kind of visitors. I will suggest you to must go there once. I hope you will fully enjoy there.

            I had comfortable journey during my niagara falls tour from new york
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              yeah I do agree with you i have been visited this destinations once in my life with my buddies. I had a great time there and enjoyed my presence there. So will suggest all of those who have never been to there. i am sure that it will be very nice and appealing time for them again and again.


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                For those who seek thrill and for those who prefer going places that aren’t run-off-the-mill, trekking in Bhutan is the best adventure to indulge in! Set in the eastern Himalayas, this happiest place on earth is a paradise waiting to be explored. It’s got the perfect weather, the most heartwarming atmosphere, and the picture-perfect mountains & valleys that will captivate your heart as much as your eyes!

                Whether you are looking for a day hike or an exciting month long adventure, Bhutan has it all. Trekking in Bhutan truly reveals a spectacular, unspoilt country with pristine mountain lakes and imposing glaciers. We have listed the selection of some of the country’s finest treks to ease out the job for you.​

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