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  • Must see places

    Here I am going to share the names of some well-known destinations of Cuba:

    Josone Park
    Sierra Maestra
    pesquero beach
    Teatro La Caridad
    JosÚ MartÝ Memorial
    playa esmeralda holguin cuba

    If you want to go there so I will suggest you to must visit these places and make their tour remember able.

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    First of all, I like your all suggested names which you explore in your tour after read you post I have a plan to visit again in Josone Park. I like it very much and I like its natural beauty. There are hundreds of visit lover to came there and see its natural beauty. I wish I got a chance ti visit there soon with my family. In spring, this park beauty has great colorful views. I will again great fun there with my family.


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      I would like to say both of these that you have sahred really great and and impressive information and images of about cuba's attractions with all of us which is good. Trully these shared all destination are the best for having enjoyment. I am sure both of these that your shared information would be useful for other travellers. I also explored all these places during my tour. It was a memorable time while I was captured many images of attractive places in my camera.

      According to my father point of view that is yosemite national park tour from los angeles a best way to enjoy most exciting views of nature beauty.


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        jack567...! I will love to say that you have shared such a nice names of attractions around the world which are the perfect as travelling point of view. I also visited both of these places like pesquero beach and Teatro La Caridad with my friends during my journey but I really like to all of them. We all had lots of fun there. It was a memorable moment of my life while I was captured many incredible and gorgeous views of these places in my camera. Anyone have you ever been there?

        My dad so much excited about his yellowstone bus tours from san francisco


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