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    Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake in the North Island of New Zealand by surface area, and covers 79.8km2. With a mean depth of only 10 metres it is considerably smaller than nearby Lake Tarawera in terms of volume of water. It is located in the Bay of Plenty region. The city of Rotorua is sited on its southern shore, and the town of Ngongotaha is at the western edge of the lake.

    The lake was formed from the crater of a large volcano in the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Its last major eruption was about 240,000 years ago. After the eruption, the magma chamber underneath the volcano collapsed. The circular depression left behind is the Rotorua Caldera, which is the site of the lake. Several other lakes of volcanic origin are located nearby to the east, around the base of the active volcano Mount Tarawera.

    This beautifully peaceful lake has a violent history. One of several large volcanoes in the Rotorua region, its underlying magma chamber collapsed after a massive eruption around 200,000 years ago. The collapse created a circular caldera about 16 kilometres wide, which filled with water to form the North Island's second largest lake.

    Geothermal activity continues below and around Lake Rotorua. Clouds of steam drift around the shore and the water has a high sulphur content, resulting in a magical green-blue colouration.

    Mokoia Island, in the centre of the lake, is a rhyolite dome formed by slowly oozing lava. This island was the setting for one of New Zealand's greatest love stories - the tale of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

    The beautiful maiden Hinemoa was the daughter of an influential chief. She lived on the eastern shores of Lake Rotorua and was regarded puhi (sacred), which meant that her tribe would choose her husband. Many suitors came seeking her hand, but none met the approval of her tribe.

    On Mokoia Island lived a family of several brothers including Tutanekai, the youngest. At a tribal gathering, where young warriors practiced their fighting skills, Tutanekai saw Hinemoa and fell in love. Tutanekai's weaponry prowess and good looks caught Hinemoa's eye, and she too was smitten. However, neither could see a future together - Tutanekai was considered too lowly born to wed Hinemoa.

    Poor, sad Tutanekai would sit on the shores of the island playing sorrowful music on his flute. The music would waft across the lake to where Hinemoa waited forlornly. Aware of what was going on, Hinemoa's people made a practice of pulling the tribe's heavy canoes all the way up the beach. But they didn't count on Hinemoa's ingenuity.

    One night Hinemoa fashioned a life-belt from empty gourds and swam towards the sound of Tutanekai's flute. She finally made it to Mokoia Island and headed straight for the island's hot pool, Waikimihia, to recover from her cold swim.

    While she was warming herself, Tutanekai's slave came down to the pool to fetch water. In a gruff voice, Hinemoa called ‘Mo wai te wai?’ (For whom is the water?). The slave answered ‘Mo Tutanekai’ (For Tutanekai). Hinemoa grabbed the calabash he was carrying and smashed it on the side of the pool.
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    Thanks for sharing this informative post on lake rotorua. The love story you describe in the post find to be very interesting.
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      wow, amazing lake with even more amazing love story.Thanks for sharing.


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        Amazing sharing zhouyaya! I think that you have done a great effort to make this thread. I really llike the history, i was not aware with the story of this lake. I really appricate you for sharing such amazing information with us.


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            It feels like a good place whenever its about getting into something which provides you a lot and also thousand islands boat tour helps us with certain ways that takes it all out and it works always.


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              zhouyaya...! I must say that you have shared sufficient information about Lake Rotorua. It is the second largest lake which is located in the North Island of New Zealand. I have been there many times of my life with my family and friends. So I will suggest you should go there once and enjoy the beauty of this incredible place.


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                I had explored North Island of New Zealand. It is a beautiful attraction in New Zealand, I like to suggest all natural beauty lovers to go there for are having fun like me and my friends. I had great fun there and it has many accommodations, but I like its one but what's your favourite? Then next time Iwill share with all of you my favorite.


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                  Lake Rotorua is a island of New Zealand. I have heard about this island through my uncle. Which lives in New Zealand. He had explored this island many times and told me that when I come New Zealand. Then he must explore this island with me. In next month, I am going to New Zealand to meet my uncle and explore this island.

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                    It will be like a dream come true to experience out any of this sort of place. I am sure that this is gonna be great for me to try any of the stuff like this out so surely will have fun while being at this place as soon as possible.


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                      Let me share with all of you some images of Lake Rotorua which my uncle had shared with me.


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                        Jesse. , I have no words to say something about your sharing views., Believe me, all of them looks really very charming and grab my attention towards them. I am impressed and would like to say that if I wanna to be there in winter. So which kinds of activities I should do while our visit and how we can make this more appealing?


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                          Hery! is right it is really difficult to describe the beauty of the images in words. I am thinking, if the image are so beautiful and attraction how will be this destination. I am really pondering to see the Lake Rotorua witrh my own eyes. Soon I will go there and will enjoy vi9siting this attraxction personally.

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