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Preventing Bad Breath

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  • Preventing Bad Breath

    Some tips of prevention bad breath :-

    1.Prevent bad breath by brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day.
    2.Prevent bad breath by visit your dentist on a regular basis for a complete examination of your teeth and gums and thorough cleaning by the dental hygienist.
    3.An easy way to prevent bad breath is to chew parsley after a meal. Parsley contains chlorophyll, a known breath freshener.
    4.Preventing bad breath from smoking is easy when you take the necessary steps to quit smoking.
    5.Avoid foods known to cause bad breath such as garlic, onions, cabbage, certain spices, and coffee.

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    very useful must know that there are many causes of bad breath such as dirty mouth, lack of oral hygiene, dry mouth, sinusitis, cavities, gum disease, smoking, medications, eating a garlicky meal and stomach related illness. to get a good remedy try to seek the help of a dentist. bad breath treatments depends on the cause of it.

    but make sure that you never leave oral hygiene habits unattended for this is a good solution for bad breath. keeping the mouth hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water can keep bad bacteria in the mouth at minimum. brush and floss teeth very after meal to remove plaque that can rot between teeth causing foul odor in the mouth. visit your dentists to check for cavities and gum disease for they accompany bad breath. Have you ever chanced to travel with denver to yellowstone bus. Let me know about your expierence.


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      wake-up early in the morning, do some yoga and morning walk. it will boost new and fresh air in your body and I m sure you will feel happy with this.
      good luck!
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        Drink water daily as much as you can. It is necessary for health as well as bad breath.


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          Be aware that you can't smell your own bad breath. Usually. If you can, it's even worse for anyone standing in front of you.