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Thread: Famous "Ma Hua" Dessert -Tianjin China

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    Default Famous "Ma Hua" Dessert -Tianjin China

    "Ma Hua" is a twisted dough with sesame seed that is a famous Tianjin dessert.

    It is crispy, break easily and not as hard as it looks. Very popular as a gift from Tianjin, you can see many Beijingers and Chinese tourists buying specially packaged boxes to bring home.

    There are now many different flavor to choose from. There are different sizes too. It can last a few days and like donuts taste great at first and than more than enough when you are full.

    So try and buy some back when in Tianjin.
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    Hehe I like it very much. But a little bit greasy.

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    Thanks for forwarding this useful information. Already feeling hungry. Though I never tried it, but soon expect to get some source to get it on my next tour.

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