Hi All! I hope it's okay I'm posting this here. I'm developing a documentary series for a digital network that will follow a group of friends exploring and traveling to cities in Scandinavia via train. We're interested in find REAL people who are already planning any kind of trip to Scandinavia or travel-hungry people who would be interested in taking a trip. Please see below for information on the project and how to apply! Thanks! Lin


An award-winning television production company is developing a compelling new documentary series with a cutting-edge digital network. This bold series will follow dynamic groups of friends on a quest to explore Scandinavia via train.

We’re looking for edgy, outgoing and adventurous groups of 3-6 people who are planning a trip to Scandinavia in the next six to twelve months. This documentary series will follow our selected cast on and off the train as they travel to and explore unconventional sights and activities across Scandinavia. We want curious people who crave off-the-beaten path adventures. This exciting series will be as much about the travelers as it will be about the train journey, destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences our selected cast will create.

We’re especially interested in groups that are traveling for a reason, whether they’re celebrating a milestone, capping off a music tour, or reuniting for the first time in years. Selected friend groups will be main talent in this series. If selected, participation may require you to partially adjust your trip (with our help) based on the incredible sights and activities our talented team of producers has curated in Scandinavia.

NOTE: This project is also open to adventurous, travel-hungry groups of friends who do not have a trip in the works but are interested in exploring Scandinavia via train. All are welcome to apply!

TO BE CONSIDERED, our application for participation can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/ii9jg0IDWsZmGEvp1