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    Default Lake Thun

    Lake Thun is an Alpine lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It took its name from the city of Thun, on its northern shore.

    Lake Thun's approximately 2,500 km2 large catchment area frequently causes local flooding after heavy rainfalls. This occurs because the river Aar, which drains Lake Thun, has only limited capacity to handle the excess runoff.

    The lake is fed by water from Lake Brienz to the south east, which lies 6 metres higher than Lake Thun, and various streams in the Oberland, including the Kander (only since 1714). Lake Thun was created after the last ice age and was originally part of Lake Brienz. The historic combined lake is called Wendelsee by geologists and historians.

    Since 1835 passenger ships have operated on the lake. There are ten passenger ships in total, operated by the local railway company BLS AG. In order to enable these ships to serve the towns of Interlaken and Thun, the Interlaken ship canal and Thun ship canal connect the lake to Interlaken West railway station and Thun railway station respectively.

    The small town of Thun at the western end of the lake with the same name is the gateway to the Bernese Oberland. It boasts a medieval Old Town, a mighty castle and an attractive pedestrian zone. One of the best-known towns in the Bernese Oberland is Interlaken, at the foot of the Jungfrau Region. The town at the upper end of Lake Thun is an ideal starting point for excursions to the Bernese Oberland.

    Lake boats sail Lake Thun all year round. In summer a magnificently restored historic paddle steamer plies the lake. On the sunny southern slopes between Thun und Merligen subtropical vegetation flourishes that has given the region the name the “Riviera of Lake Thun”. On the opposite side of the lake, in the Bay of Spiez, which is presided over by a beautiful castle, you will find small vineyards. Not to be missed are the twelve one-thousand-year-old Romanesque churches that dot the coastline, for example in Einigen.

    Fishing is important enough to keep a handful of professional fishers employed. In 2001 the total catch was 53,000 kg.

    Following World War II and up until 1964, the Swiss Government disposed of unused munitions into Lake Thun. The quantity of munitions dumped is reported to be from 3,000 to more than 9,020 tons.
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    It sounds like places that are good enough to be visited surely because when it comes to tourism exploring the maximum is what everyone wants and also acadia national park tour from new york is one of those things which are rich in all these terms and have a way out here.

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    Lake Thun is the beautiful lake of Switzerland. It is most famous tourist destination around the world. I visited there many times of my life. I had a lot of experience there and enjoyed its charm of nature beauty. It is an ideal destination for nature's sightseeing lovers. The number of visitors go there every year to enjoy the holidays.

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    Lake Thun is wonderful and amazing lake of Switzerland. Here I am going to share some images of this lake:

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    For me it will be a dream come true if i'll explore this place as soon as possible. This simply always makes me feel just so good trying up any of the thing like this up. Surely will have awesome time while being and trying out some of this surely.
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    It is quiet a new place for me but i must say that it looks like an awesome one. It makes me feel so great always to try out these kind of things so much. I am quite sure that i will have very much awesome time at this once when i will find the chance to try out anything like this.

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    This is also a new place or me guys, I have never visited in my life and have no experience in this place. I am a nature lover and would like to try out these kinds of destinations in my free time. In above post, I can see boats. This is an interesting thing and I want to enjoy this ride and would like to know from you have you any idea abut this?

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    well, Buddies this image is taken from Oberhofen Castle. I have ben to there once in my life and had great time there. I was there with my fathr while a tour. We both enjoyed there a lot and surely will go for it if i get any chance to have fun there.

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