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Thread: [VietNam] Sky Lantern 2012 Project - Annual activites to introduce Vietnamese culture

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    Dear friends,

    We come from Saigon Hotpot club, a club of voluntary tour guides do free services for tourists from all over the world come to Vietnam. Beside tourism activities, we also pay much of our concern to help the community of the disadvantaged people as well as to introduce Vietnamese culture to foreigners. This has urged us organizing an annual charity event for years in Ho Chi Minh city.

    This year, we are going to run a fundraising event for Sky Lantern Charity 2012 of Saigon Hotpot. We would like to hear various opinions from foreigners’ community about how they are willing to join such an event in Vietnam.

    We would highly appreciate if you, a foreigner, can help us in completing this survey and spreading this message to as many foreigners in your network as possible from now to 11 March. They could be your friends, your tourists, your colleagues, your Internet pals, your relatives...The more the merrier.

    The Sky Lantern Survey form can be accessed at the following link:

    Below is a sample text that you can use to forward to your friend:

    “Saigon Hotpot is a voluntary club providing free tour guide services for tourists visiting Vietnam. Besides, “Sky Lantern Charity” is our annual charity event to support disadvantaged children in remote areas. Every year we run a fundraising campaign to call out for public attention and support. This year, we decided to make this survey to more clearly understand your opinion about a charity fundraising event. Doing this survey, you contribute a voice to make the next charity event most successful.”

    Thank you in advance. Your contribution helps a lot!

    Wish You Well.
    Sky Lantern Team 2012
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