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    Default Spain Property

    Buying a property in Spain, more than renting, is often a well thought investment. So before deciding to rent or buy. Look at the differences and decide which is best for you. Spain also has the nice authentic rural area, with her history and villages that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the good things of Spanish culture. There are some activities can also enjoy there, with its mountains or many places for water sports. Villas in Spain or apartments in Spain - we have a selection of private villas in Spain, holiday [Url Removed] , holiday villas in Spain and a large number of villas to rent in Spain with a pool.

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    Property investment is best option for growth. you can invest your money to buy or rent a property.

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    The Spanish property bubble refers to the massive growth of real estate prices observed, in various stages, from 1985 up to 2008 in Spain. The housing burst can be clearly divided in three periods: 1985-1991, in which the price nearly tripled, 1992-1996, in which the price remained somewhat stable, and 1996-2008, in which prices grew astonishingly again. Coinciding with the late 2000s crisis, prices began to fall.
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    Will you please tell me what is the price range of this property?

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