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Thread: Traveling to Spain Alone.

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    Default Traveling to Spain Alone.

    As a young woman traveling alone I was wondering if there's anything in particular I should know about. I've been to Europe a few times before, so I know to be wary of pick pockets. Other than that I'm hoping it'll be fairly safe?

    I plan on spending time in Sevilla and Cadiz studying Spanish, and spending a week traveling up the east coast (probably staying in hostels) as far as Valencia. I'd love to hear if anyone has done something similar, or has any advice for me!

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    Spain is fairly safe for tourist and visitors don't need to be worried about visiting here. However a few safety measures and list of locations to be cautious while traveling Spain are listed here.

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    Couple of months ago I visited Spain for holidays and really enjoyed my tour with girlfriend. We enjoyed plenty of places and all are truly outstanding especially Costa Blanca which is one of the top tourist attractions in Spain. I just say that you will not enjoy alone, you should bring with you then you will enjoy it's place more.

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    In general, Spain is totally safe for traveling. However, you must be careful when you are on a bus or metro. You may want to learn a few basic words or have a simple Spanish phrase guide before you go.

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