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Thread: Hotel room or Apartment?

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    I'd go for a Hotel room. Since hotels have all the stuff you needed. Like if your hungry you can just call a food service, and besides it's safetier because securities were everywhere. You don't need to worry that your things might lost or get enter by other people.

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    I always go to hostels or hotels rooms. They are much cheaper then apartaments and standard is not much worst. I've been satisfied any time I spent my time in a hostel room. Thing is that in small hostels its crew cares about you more then anyone else, cause they have only a few guests. I really appreciate small, intimate rooms instead of expensive, posh ones...and one more thing - small hostels are often really original with the great decor|! I loved it when once I stayed in a small room in Cracow that was looking like an indian one

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    Default Hotel or Apartment

    I prefer to rent a room, but can not always afford. The advantage of the apartments is that there is a kitchen and do not have to run to the bar to drink a cup of coffee
    Rent Apartments Nikolaev Ukraine.

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    Thanks for sharing this. Numerous family units visiting rental homes are increasing everyday though their necessity are quite dissimilar in traveling. A few family units desire ski holidays whereas some would like to visit to the seashore or the famous sight. Despite the famous place, unfriendly hotel quarters are being abandoned for holiday charters and vacation accommodations. I think what's most important to you in choosing a hotel? Me, I'm for the bed and a good night's sleep. And a cushy mattress with down pillows in a room with an ocean view, that's my idea of heaven.

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    I prefer to rent an apartment on a trip. It is much comfortable than a hotel. Apartments cost cheap for longer stay. Apartmentís rooms are more spacious than hotels and it also. In apartments you have your privacy and usually apartments are situated in the heart of the city.

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    Default Hotel room or Apartment?

    Apartments are nice if you are on a long vacation. But hostels are the best if one is on a short trip and tight budget. I usually prefer well located hostel with private rooms.

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