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Thread: Europe (South Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium & North Germany)

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    Default Europe (South Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium & North Germany)

    Hi Guys,

    Appreciate any help and advice if possible.

    I plan to arrive in to the south of Germany in early June. I plan to stay at relatives for a day or two and then intend to rent a car and travel from South Germany (Munich/Stuttgart) via Switzerland to Paris. Spend a night in Paris then travel to Brussels, spend a night there and then go to north Germany around Hamburg where I will stay at relatives. After that I will need to make my way back down to Munich or Stuttgart where I will catch a flight back out of Germany to Turkey or Cyprus.

    I intend to limit this part of my trip to 6 - 8 days.

    Is this feasible and if so is the route I chose good. If not I may have to skip driving through Switzerland and go straight from Stuttgart to Paris.

    I also need some advice on cheap affordable (20 - 60 EU p/n) accomodation for me and my partner to stay in the likes of Zurich, Paris & Brussels.

    Is it worth me skipping Switzerland and replacing it with a quick Denmark tour?

    Also what is the best way of me making my way down from Hamburg to Munich?

    Do rental cars offer portable gps's? Also are they useful as I think I need them because my wife isn't a great navigator.

    Appreciate your feedback in advance.


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    I wouldn't skip switzerland for Denmark, that's a complete de-tour. Denmark is situated in north europe. Go with the route you have planned already.

    I do not know if rental cars have GPS, I think well equipped rentals do have but not budget ones.

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