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Thread: 5 week holiday in Turkey

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    Default 5 week holiday in Turkey

    Hi Guys,

    Looking forward to your expert and detailed feedback as I know that I am in the right place and there are plenty of you out there who can offer advice and assistance.

    I will be arriving in to Turkey towards the middle of this year and intend to stay for just a little over 5 weeks. I intend to travel as much and get around as much as I can.

    Please help in answering below questions:

    1. Which airlined are the cheapest for domestic flights in Turkey?
    2. Which tour companies would you recommend to use?
    3. In major cities should I rent a car and drive around or use the ubiquitous dolmus (minibuses) Cost isn't the issue but rather comfort and practicality.
    4. Which hotels would you recommend in cappadocia, Istanbul, Mersin, Adiyaman etc

    For now this is all that comes to my mind and if there is anything else I will add it later.
    In the meanwhile as far as accomodation is concerned I don't want to slum it out in poor 1 start places or expensice 5 star places like Hilton. 3 - 4 star average places would be the go.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Cyprus Turkish Airlines is a low-cost airline offer domestic flights.

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    Here is a list of reliable tour operators.

    maybe helpful

    Peter Parker
    Caribbean cruises

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    Turkey always an ideal destination for tourists and we can say it's friendly and exotic place on earth.

    dublin luxury hotels

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    RasmeN i appreciate your choice of visiting Turkey on 5 week holiday, because Turkey is the place where you will find plenty of tourist places, time wont be sufficient to visit all those destination even you visit their on 5 week holiday. As suggested by Manne, Cyprus Turkish Airlines is best Airline service which charges reasonable fair and after visiting their you can rent a car for traveling around since it will be a comfortable way of traveling in Turkey.

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