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Thread: Viaduct in Filisur!!

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    Default Viaduct in Filisur!!

    Hi all I am going to talk about Viaduct in Filisur which is a beautiful point from where that area's mesmerizing views could be explored. In it self it offers majestic views of it and it's located in switzerland. I just read about this from a blog where switzerland's most beautiful attractions names were listed and i would love to go there for once may be after coming back from my Bus Tours from Houston and just for my other travel buddies want to make this sharing here, hope you all will like it.

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    Well, Buddy, i am so sure that this is going to be a great way of fun for sure for all of us to have some fun there. i will surely like to make a move around bus from boston to niagara falls and will enjoy there for sure.


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