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Thread: Most famous tourist attractions

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    Default Most famous tourist attractions

    Cuba is a best country for having enjoyment. It is known for its incredible attractions that grab attentions of visitors from entire world. Here I am going to share the names of some well known that destinations which I have visit there like El Capitolio, bahia de naranjo nature park, Havana Cathedral and Museum of the Revolution.

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    jack567! I am going to agree with you Cuba is a really nice destination. I visited much time in my life with my family and friends. I have a plan to visit there again in June. I hope I will again great time there, but this time, I will spend my time with my close cousin. she loves natural beauty places. She will first time to visit there I wish she like this destination. Can you have some suggestion for my next tour?

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    I am also nature lover and I really like to see most fabulous natural places all over the world. I would like to share the names of some most exciting places which I had explored during my Cuba's trip like Cueva de Saturno, Sierra Maestra, Viñales Valley and Playa Sirena. Best of luck for the tour and you will have such a nice time there as well as other visitors. I will love to say that you must share your personal views with us after finishing the tour.

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