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Thread: Cuba attractions

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    Default Cuba attractions

    Cuba is the most popular country of Caribbean. I am going to share the names of some beautiful attractions of this country:

    Museum of the Revolution
    José Martí Memorial,
    Josone Park
    Cueva de Saturno
    Meliá Cohiba Hotel
    Cauto River
    Acuario Nacional de Cuba
    Estadio Latinoamericano

    You can chose easily your favorite destination and could make their remember able tour.

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    jack567 ! You have shared really awesome post and helpful too for travelers about Cuba attractions.
    I am interested to know about Meliá Cohiba Hotel and its dining options. I am sure you would like to help me out in this matter.

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    Josone Park is a really nice destination for a traveling lovers. I visited there at once in my life but I want to visit again in my future life. I hope I will visit there soon with my friends to go there. I like you all sharing places names. I am a lover of tranelling and want to visit new places in this globe. I would like to suggest all og tarvelling lovers to visit there fo having fun. Share your personal experince with us.

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    Cuba attractions have a great attentions of visitors from entire world. I am a touris and I really like to adorable places all over the world and this is my most favorite one destination on earth. I really like to see its natural places. I have a good experience of Josone Park because I have been there before my yosemite national park bus tours numerous times in my life and every time had lots of fun there. It is a adorable place for visit and you can enjoy there hiking, camping, photography and nature viewing.
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    After reading your post Darian! I feel that you have the best time to spend in Cuba and about its many of the lines which you have written for it really best for it. I have also visited there, but now I heard that my younger brother has to go there for exploring its attraction of Jason Park with his little friends. IP hope so they will best time spend there like us after ending his 2 days tour from new york. I hope so after coming back, he will share with me some images and then I would like to share with you which will be best.

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    Cuba attractions are best places to enjoy some time with family and kids. San Luis Valley is also a famous destination and my favourite too. I also have personally visited there only twice time in my whole life but I had spent joyful time there. It is a best place for adventure lovers. A lot of visitors come here annually with family and kids and enjoyed many outdoor activities. I will love to go there again in my free time.

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