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Thread: Keep your backpack safe

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    Default Keep your backpack safe

    1) When riding a bus, try to sit on the same side as your bag that is stored underneath in the cargo hold. If you are awake, watch out the window at stops which are not yours to make sure no one takes it as they exit.

    2) While sleeping in airports, make a “leash” out of parachute cord or clothesline. Connect your wrist to the bag while it is under your seat or sitting beside you in case you fall asleep.

    3) Consider your country’s relations with the country you are traveling before sewing your flag patch on the outside of your bag. When a thief has to choose between dozens of bags, it may make you stand out.

    4) Carry a small bicycle combination chain lock in the top of your bag. Attach it to support bars when it is stored on an overnight train, or to the bed frame when it is in your hotel.

    5) Put small combination locks on outside pockets. In a crowded area it may be impossible to feel a deft hand unzipping and reaching inside while it is on your back.

    6) Consciously pack bulk things on the back side of the bag rather than valuable items. If your pack is slashed by someone with a razor while you wear it, all they will get is a handful of dirty underwear. This makes sense for not putting weight away from your body and for padding the contents inside as well.

    7) Carry less! Its true, a fat rucksack is a fat target. Also, you will not be tempted to leave it behind so much if the bag is less of a burden.

    8 Don’t look like a target. Leave the Rolex, Raybans, and expensive sandals behind. If you present an image of wealth, someone will be very interested in your bag.

    9) Avoid carrying bags that declare what is inside. Any thief that sees “Lowepro” knows that an expensive camera probably resides inside. The same thing goes for using laptop bags as a daybag. “IBM” on the outside will probably have their mouth watering. Sew a patch over the logo or put some duct tape over it to make it look less appealing.

    10) Treat your travel backpack like your best mate. While you travel, it is your home. Always be aware of where it is and try to keep it close. I personally get the best night’s sleep when I have my bag under me as a pillow. If a thief can manage to get it then, he or she is welcome to everything inside!

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    Thanks for these wonderful tips for taking care of backpacks. I really felt more comfortable if I am travelling with my backpack.
    Travelling is like a book of knowledge...

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    Thanks for sharing the useful tips....

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    Hi Dear
    Thanks for these important tips. I really want to appreciate you work, this tips are very helpful.

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    The best tips for the provides to keep you safe backpack. This is really awesome information to cater the other people. Thanks a lot!

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    These are really great tips and i quite liked all of these, I am so much sure that all of these are gonna be proved useful for all of us and we're gonna find it work out somewhere, SO appreciate you for this and hope that it would be great if you'll share some of the stuff like this with all of us.

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    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips.

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    I totally agree with the tips mentioned. To sum it up , "alertness" must be the keyword in carrying your things, luggage or a backpack when travelling. Remember that you can't trust everybody while you are in public places. Stay safe always.

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