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Thread: Planning to visit Sydney………..need advice!

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    Sydney is a best place for travelling as tourism point of view. It is my favorite one travel destination around the world because of its alluring attractions. I have been there only first time of my life to enjoy the beauty of this city. It is a best place where tourist can enjoy holidays with family and friends. what will you say about it?

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    jack567! I am going to agree with you Sydney is a best destination or traveling point of view. I like to share w it you I have been visiting there and had great fun there with my family members. "it has many attractions which are able to go there and good for enjoying holidays with family. So now my aunt have planned to go Sydney for enjoying holidays af6ter her finishing whale watching martha's vineyard

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    There is no doubt Sydney is a incredible destination in Australia. In this destination, is a home of plenty attractions. You aunt have a nice plan. I suggest you also go there with your aunt and visit there beautiful attraction of this destination. Anyway, buddy what is your future plan?

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    I really love the discussion that you all running here about the Sydney, I am so sure that it will be very helpful for all others too. Anyway, i would like to ask from tomami about his tour of Whale watching Martha's WIneyard. I will think to take it after my tours departing san francisco cause it sounds something wow?

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    Yes Mavishh! you are absolutely right. all the members of this board have shared enough detail about Sydney and it famous places. It is really quiuite sufficient for those perdsons who having a plan to take a tour of Sydney. My father is going there after some days. I will share thsi stuff with him. I am sure he will be happy to see this.

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