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    Some tips for your trip to Vietnam

    You are visiting Vietnam, these are some tips which can possibly be useful for your trip.

    * Should not bring with you highly valued things when going out
    * Ask your hotels to keep your papers: Passport, air tickets and other important things
    * Take a hotel card before going out, thus you will easily contact your hotel in case lost the way
    * Should not go out late with anyone you do not know
    * Should call a taxi instead of a Motorbike taxi when going out in the evening
    * Respect the habits of the Local people
    * Do not point your figures towards local altar for it is considered to be rude
    * Should not dispose empty bottle when trekking, for you are not sure the bottle is safe or without risk of dental problems
    * Should not wear shorts when visiting temples or pagodas
    * Should take off your shoes before entering someone's house
    * Should learn some useful Vietnamese for emergency cases
    * Bargain when purchasing something except for fixed price
    * Take a careful look before crossing streets especially in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi
    * Taking care of yourself with safe food, cheap or street food may be understood as low quality or poor conditions
    * Should hire a tour guide if you think necessary for a guide knows how to help you avoid unnecessary problems
    * Only bring with you necessary things
    * Should bring with you some dollars for dollar is the most popular foreign currency in Vietnam
    * Should exchange for some Vietnamese currency (at airport or bank), Vietnamese currency will be necessary for some of your small payment
    * If possible, get the address or phone number of your Embassy in Vietnam
    * Make sure that your visiting areas are safe and no risk of natural problems
    * Should visit Vietnam from August - March, for this period is really suitable for traveling (good climate)
    * Buy travel insurance for your trip
    * Should not photoghrap someone if he/she does not want you to
    * Avoid involving in issues of local people, everything should be settled in peace
    * Should not approach restricted areas especially army zones
    * Be sure that you bring with you necessary medicines


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    Great tips for travelling to vietnam!

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