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Thread: Tourismzone new features

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    Default Tourismzone new features

    Hello members!

    We have now integrated social social bookmarking sites with the tourismzone threads and topics.

    This is a way to express the quality of certain threads and topics with social bookmarking sites.

    Other new features are:

    * Search cloud / tag cloud

    * Reciprocal friendships between users

    * Public visitor messaging on profile pages with 'conversation' feature

    * User picture galleries with user comment facility

    * User-created social groups with invite only and moderated membership options

    * Extended member profile pages

    This new version of tourismzone gives the community a lot more freedom to their profiles and to personalize their account.

    I hope you like the new features

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    Yeah i have noticed it and i would appreciate you for doing such things, it helped me a lot in finding stuff regarding stuff like toronto niagara falls tour which was kind to me.

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