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    Default Vacation in Mauritius

    more info at [Url Removed]

    here is my [Url Removed]

    We stayed in Mauritius for a week.
    here is a list of things to see in the Island.


    The public garden, located a few km from Port Louis, is the most important and famous of the whole island for the various species of plants that grow there including the giant water lilies and many species of palms.


    Flacq is one of the most important villages of the island. It is here that one of the largest open-air markets in the country is held. The market is good for the purchase of spices and souvenirs and to admire the many examples of humanity present on the island (especially Hindus and Muslims). Do not forget to bargain the prices that are being proposed!


    There are no stags (cerfs) remaining on this small island that attracts large numbers of holiday-makers on the east coast. This is a paradise for the practice of water sports and for those who like to relax in the sun: here are the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. As mentioned the island is easily reachable with a few euros and in a few minutes by speedboats.


    Among the oddest sites of the island are the seven-coloured dunes at Chamarel, believed to result from the weathering of volcanic rocks. These undulating and vividly contrasted layers of earth are a short drive away from the beautiful Chamarel waterfalls.


    This park was created in 1994 to protect what remains of pristine Mauritius forests.


    Possibly the main attraction of Curepipe for tourists, apart from the shopping, is the Trou aux Cerfs crater. It's been extinct for a long time and the crater floor is now heavily wooded, but the crater affords lovely views around the island. A tarred road leads gently up to and around the rim. There are benches for rest and reflection, and a radar station for keeping an electronic eye on cyclone activity


    A charming legend is linked to this wonderful sacred lake, which according to tradition was born from the drops of water fall from the head of the god Shiva, fascinated by the beauty of Mauritius. Each year between February and March, the basin is a destination for pilgrimage of Hindus to pay homage to the god at the Maha Shivaratree, the most important religious festival outside the borders of India: dressed in white, the pilgrims go in procession to the lake bringing a kanvar, a wooden structure adorned with paper flowers, and arrived at its destination burn incense throwing water offers of food and flowers. The strong sense of spirituality can be breathed (literally) throughout the year.


    Casela Bird Park is home to 142 species of birds including the lovely long necked Pink Pigeons which until recently were threatened with extinction. The lovely dusky pink birds were donated by the Black River Aviary and can be seen alongside hundreds of other exotics from Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. A guide to the park is available at the entrance. The Park covers 25 acres (10 hectares) and sits on the flanks of Rempart Mountain with views of cane clothed countryside rolling down to the west coast. There is a restaurant and snack bar and walks criss-crossing ponds and streams. Down a set of steps beyond the aviaries there is a mini-zoo of tigers, monkeys, lemurs, stag and a lake of graceful flamingos.

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    Sounds amazing - I'm sure my camera would get a workout!
    M&M was here!
    City of the Tribes

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    HELLO!!! This is not advertisement billboard!!

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    sounds really tempting. i would love to visit Mauritius. i have seen the pics and the place looks like heaven on earth!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I would also like to share some tips: Blue Lagoon Hotel
    Beau Rivage Hotel, Bella Vista Hotel and Ambre Hotel are good places to stay. I have stayed in all these.
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    Hello, we are a tour operator based in Mauritius and we are offering really cheap holidays. Please contact us for any queries. You can contact us from the forum itself leaving behind your contact details for all tour packages. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Reading the rules and see how other members posts and behaves on the board could be really fulfilling before you get yourself banned.

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