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Thread: The original to go to Las Vegas to play these!

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    Default The original to go to Las Vegas to play these!

    Go to [URL = ""] Las Vegas [/ URL] To play these! The Grand Canyon of the United States is a world famous natural landscape and has been turned into a national park for a long time. It is located in the northwest of Arizona, and Nevada adjacent to the Colorado Plateau, a total length of more than four hundred kilometers, is a vast canyon landscape. Canyon formed in hundreds of millions of years ago the crustal movement: plateau uplift, river cut.

    From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park to 4,5 hours by car. We set out early, in order to avoid the heat at noon. And soon after the first day of the visit to the Hoover Dam. After the dam saw a sign on the roadside, wrote "Welcome to Arizona". Originally here is the state sector, we have left Nevada into the border of Arizona. Heart can not help but very excited, as if over a ride milestone.

    I do not know when the scenery outside the window began to change: from the small bush into a tall coniferous forest, giving an illusion, as if exposure to the Nordic (in fact, Nordic I have not been to, imagine). Began to see the car on the road gradually more up. It is estimated that the Grand Canyon National Park is coming.

    Sure enough, soon to see the front of the vehicles arranged in two long queues, waiting to buy tickets into the national park. Tickets $ 25 a car (the car is more than two people estimated that this price), with detailed map of the park and attractions, a ticket can be used continuously for 7 days, so give those who walk in the canyon tourists Very affordable. We have to stay back to Las Vegas on the same day, so you can stay here for up to 3 hours. Into the door, the car and along the forest road opened for a while to the scenic area. The ground wet, it should be just under the rain. The air is fresh and very cool.

    Under the car, when those endless look of the huge reddish-brown rocks in front of the moment, only the "shock" words to describe my feelings. The introduction of the park is that it is the most magnificent view of the earth is not an exaggeration. The earth in front of you deep split, her gorgeous inner layer show, you will deeply feel the human nature and the nature of the gods of the gods of the magic of good fortune. From the bottom of the valley to the top of the cliff nearly 2000 meters on the rock, the rock level is clear, different colors, as if a vivid geological history textbook, record the different geological age rock formation and 2 billion years of vicissitudes of vicissitudes.

    Because in the dark before back to Las Vegas, we just hurried through several attractions. It is regrettable that there is no time to go to the bottom to hike, to further experience through the "heart of the earth," the wonderful feeling, to further explore the canyons in many amazing animal and plant life.

    Go to [URL = ""] Las Vegas [/ URL] To play these!

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    Well, Buddy, i am so sure that this is going to be a great way of fun for sure. So have some fun there and let me know what we could do there around the world. i am so sure that this is going to be a great way of fun.

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